SprutCAM Robot

A single environment for the offline programming (OLP) of industrial robots.

An efficient robot machining solution for the rapid creation of complex collision-free 3D movements in native 6 or more axes code (5 to 6 axis transformations are not required)
SprutCAM Robot offloads the tedious process of robot programming from the shop floor to a personal computer, making it a lot easier and more effective.

SprutCAM Robot offers an extensive range of operations for 3-5 axis milling, deburring, trimming, cutting, welding, tending and more.

SprutCAM Robot supports programming of robots from Fanuc, Kuka, Staubli, Yaskawa Motoman, Comau, Mitsubishi, OTC DAIHEN, ABB and many more. In addition, standard templates allow the rapid creation of new custom kinematic schemes for robots and robotic cells.

Toolpath Calculation

An extensive range of toolpath strategies that work directly with 3D models for the part and the workpiece are available.
Roughing toolpaths: parallel, equidistant, high-speed, adaptive roughing, roughing plane, roughing rotary machining, hole machining, and many more.

Finishing toolpaths: finishing waterline, plane, scallop (3D constant step-over), morph, rotary machining, 5 axis surfacing.

Contouring toolpaths: 2D, 3D, and 5D contouring.

Sample Headline

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